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Why donate?

Slackel is a project that offers everything for free and is developed in our free time. No income is generated by Slackel releases or support. However, there are expenses when developing a distribution like Slackel. By donating, you help us with paying for web hosting, purchasing new equipment that might be needed and of course it is always a big encouragement to know that someone cares that much about what we do.

How much should I donate?

Any amount you can spare is welcome. Every little bit helps and no contribution is too small! Even the smallest contribution can make a difference. It all adds up in the end!
All the information that we get from you when you are donating is your name as it appears in your Paypal account. That name will be shown in this page.

List of Donations
Date Donor Amount Donated
2022-05-31 Jan-Petter Løken 15€
2021-07-14 Knut Lange 10€
2021-01-01 Arnold Fodor 20€
2020-07-05 Jan-Petter Løken 15€
2020-07-05 Arnold Fodor 20€
2020-01-30 Michael Endsley $20
2020-01-03 marko pavlovic 12€
2017-05-14 anonymous 7€
2016-12-19 anonymous 7€