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Slackel Startup Guide

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Slackel Startup Guide

Post by djemos »

The purpose of this manual is to help users easily install Slackel in Hard disk or USB stick or create multibootusb stick.
This guide will updated to include more chapters for working with Slackel.

Download Slackel Startup Guide in

1. PDF
2. Epub
3. html
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Re: Slackel Startup Guide

Post by bsd4me »

Haven't read it word for word, but have read most of it. Great job :)
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Re: Slackel Startup Guide

Post by janpetter »

The reputation of Slackware is discouraging for users like me whose knowledge of Linux is fragmented. But reading the Startup Guide, I realized that installing Slackel wasn't only for experts. Without the Startup Guide I wouldn't have bothered with trying to switch to Slackel.
A simple and user-friendly guide. :-)
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